There’s no Need to Worry about the Party Chaos in LA – Here is a Guide 

Ah, you’re going to LA for a celebration? Be prepared for some wild rides. You can imagine trying to cook an elaborate meal using a ladle or a spoon without any knowledge of what they are. How do you create an event which is more Instagram-worthy that a Sunset at Venice Beach but don’t know where to start? more info?

Tents. Don’t bother with those sad little popups from a local flea-market. LA goes big or home. Imagine the tent, which could easily double as a palace at a summer party, festooned with sparkling lights and even air-conditioning, as LA’s weather can sometimes be as unpredictable.

Furniture is next. You might be thinking that furniture is just furniture. Wrong. The city of celebrities is full of seats that will make guests feel like they have landed on the VIP level. The plush lounges scream Hollywood glam, while the sleeker modern pieces make it feel as if you are in a high-end gallery.

The fun doesn’t end there! Did you think about the plates that we use? When you choose the right plates, they can serve as conversation-starters. Imagine serving Thanksgiving dinner in dishes that look so expensive they could make your aunt Linda’s holiday china appear like dollar store paper plates.

Magic happens in lighting. This is similar to applying the ideal filter to your event. If you have the right lighting, any room can be transformed into a groovy dance floor or an enchanted forest.

It’s time to bring on the heat: knowledge. It is easy to choose the right stuff, but it is quite another thing entirely when you have to ensure that your event doesn’t end up like an episode of “Party Disaster”. These places aren’t simply warehouses with cool things; it’s like you have your own personal fairy godparent.

The next time you are planning an event in La La Land don’t be tempted to just focus on tables and chair. Create those memorable moments, such as “Did I really see that?” That will stick in the minds of your guests for a long time after they leave in their party footwear.

It’s part of the LA charm to pull off anything. Get yourself a cocktail or two, breathe in deeply and then dive into planning an unforgettable event.

Remember it’s more than just throwing a party. You’re also hosting your party. In the end, it doesn’t really matter whether your party looks more like a Pinterest-fail or not. It’s about having fun and making memories.

If life hands you lemons, just rent a Margarita Machine. You can always rent a Margarita Machine when you have lemons. Take a look around Melbourne and take note of what’s beneath the surface.

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