You should Avoid these Mistakes when You Start a New Party Rental Business

Many bouncy Castle manufacturers claim that starting a business of party rentals is simple and you can easily make money with one or even two inflatable bouncers. Some have succeeded, while others have not. Successfully running a rental party company takes hard work. You need to be dedicated and have a good strategy. Party rental austin companies that keep on making the exact same mistakes are quickly wiped out. You can still enter the industry if you wish. It is fairly lucrative. Avoid the common mistakes below if your goal is to watch your company grow over the next couple of years.

1. Keep doing your paperwork

You can’t ignore what larger businesses are doing, even if your business is small. It is important to have a solid business plan in place before spending money on inflatable equipment. You should also create your customer database once you receive the first order and start tracking inventory. Although this may be tedious at first, after a couple of months you’ll find it helps to keep your records organized.

2. Always prioritize safety

It is obvious that the safety and enjoyment of all customers are the most important thing for any party rental or amusement ride business. Accidents or injuries may result in lawsuits that could shut your business down. Even if the negative reviews are true, they can hurt your business. Potential customers may choose to go with your competitor.

3. Purchase liability insurance

Because they are expensive to insure, many new bounce house owners do not get liability insurance. Their business may not be able to survive if they don’t have liability insurance. Even if all precautions are taken to keep you safe, accidents can still happen. In some states and cities, it may even be illegal to operate a business without having liability insurance. A company with liability insurance is also more trusted by potential clients.

4. Register as an LLC

To protect your finances and personal assets, you should form an LLC. To legitimize and protect your own business among your customers. It is more likely that the business itself will be sued if there was a suit resulting from its operations than it is you.

5. Help from friends and family

Some jobs are impossible to complete alone, even if you do want to work all day to cut down on the cost of hiring staff. It is impossible to lift commercial inflatables. The commercial inflatables can weigh up to hundreds of lbs per unit. The physical parts of your job will require help. A friend might help design your new website. Family members could answer booking calls on your behalf. Never be scared to ask other people for help.